Perfect TV Reception Guaranteed.


Perfect TV Reception Guaranteed.

    Comparison between Analogue and Digital Signals:

    With the inception DTV transition since June 2009, in the upcoming years it will be the only television signal that will be broadcasted. This switchover marks an important change in the way television used to transmit and receive the broadcasted signals which have drastically changed the television viewing experience so far. Here are some of the points that clearly differentiate between the analog and digital signals.

    DTV is one of the latest transmission technologies that have recently replaced analogue over-the-air broadcasting. Digital television antenna signal broadcasting enables the transmission stations to offer highly superior picture andsound quality along with a host of other benefits over the analogue signal broadcasting.

    On the other hand analogue signals are those over-the-air broadcasting signals which were broadcasted in the manner just similar to the radio before the advent of the DTV transition.

    The video signal of analogue television used to be transmitted in AM and the audio signals were transmitted in FM. Analog TV broadcasting signals are very much subject to interferences, such as picture ghosting and snowing, completely depending upon the distance between your place and the broadcasting station.

    DTV on the other hand broadcast crystal clear pictures along with other features like digital surround sound effects, audio in multiple languages and text messaging services.

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        Digital TV antennas eliminate reception problems. Our antennas come prebuilt with filters to block out interference, allowing for perfect TV reception. All our antennas are Guaranteed, Heavy Duty, Durable and High Quality.


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        We pride ourselves in installing the correct Digital TV antennas, brackets and antenna masting. Our technicians will provide you with a quality antenna installation today.

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        TV Antenna Reception

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        Antenna Amplifiers

        Amplifiers are used to strengthen low signal reception issues. We supply a wide range of powerful television amplifiers designed to resolve any low signal strength reception problems.

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        Extra TV outlet point installation available today. A supplementary television point in any room can be connected to your current antenna system.