Antenna Installation and Service


Antenna Installation and Service


    Enjoy High Definition Picture Quality with New Antenna Installation

    Are you tired of repeated problem of tampered signals and blurred images?

    If yes, then ANTENNA INSTALLATION TODAY is there to endow you with the optimal solutions for your aerial installation issues.We offer a wide array of new aerial installation packages at highly reasonable prices completely based on your distinctive requirements. Our team of professional local technicians will surely be there within no time to arrange and install your analog and digital TV antenna system.

    We are licensed Australian Cabler Registration Service (ACRS) cabler, a member of NECA, Electronic technician, OH&S certified and completely insured with near about of 40yrs experience.

    We are Australian Government approved antenna installer and we have cleared all the tests, as well as the rules and norms as set by the Government. We have and use correct and authentic equipments, to get the best out of your digital TV set. So, if you are looking out for a certified TV aerial installer you can trust us and contact us for the same.

    We at ANTENNA INSTALLATION TODAY not only install, but also repair antennas across Brisbane Metropolitan Area, residential houses, multiple residential and commercial units, retirement hamlets etc.

    We provide a wide assortment of new antenna installation solutions to suit your each and every requirement:

    • Repair and maintenance of the existing Analog and Digital aerial system.

    • Upgrade your existing Analogue to Digital system.
    • Installation of completely new Digital/ Analog, UHF/VHF and high-gain TV aerial systems.
    • Coaxial cabling

    We feel pride to offer its clientele with the aerial systems along with installation and repair services. We offer:

    • 100% Australian Made.
    • Smart and in order installations.
    • Guaranteed replacement of old aerial systems.
    • Replacement ofold or run new coaxial cabling to antennas

    For all your new antenna installation and television aerial requirements get connected with us today and get your new digital or analog television aerial installed with a free mind. Our in-house team of professional technical experts will endow you with free quote and friendly service throughout Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

    Get connected with us today and get your new digital or analog television antenna installed with a free mind.

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